Gel & Acrylics

Sculptured Nails, Tips w/ Overlays, Pink & Whites, Gel Nails


Full Set Of Sculptured Nails (Acrylic)

What ever your favorite application is, we have your nails looking fabulous. The most durable, natural looking extensions, meticulously done by hand using NO DRILLS! NO PLASTIC TIPS! Beginning with a manicure to ensure a healthy application, these custom fitted acrylic nails will feel and look like your own looking fresh for at least 3 weeks! Includes a manicure, with care to your natural nail, a quality acrylic set of nails custom built to compliment your hands.

Acrylic Fills

Shortening, reshaping, and replacing new growth with a new application of acrylic. There’s custom colors available to suit your mood, or keep them fresh with a clean crisp white tip! Or if you love nail lacquer, let’s go Polished and perfect!

Nail Repair

Nail Bar Pedicure chairs Polished nails skin body spaHave a broken nail? Its no charge! Get a repair! A quick fix that takes just a few minutes! please call to get you asap!(208) 704-8830

Soak Off Nails & Manicure

Soak off those nails and go natural with our signature waterless manicure, our Elemis Pro-Collagen Manicure or our hand refresher.

Gel Nail Polish

Over 300 colors to choose from! Perfectly dry polish in 30 seconds!! Guaranteed you can put your gloves & boots on as soon as we’re done! Polished perfection add to any nail care service, or enjoy a-la-carte!
Premium gel polish