All massage options are available in 50/75/100 min

Swedish MassageSwedish Massage

A full body classic massage using light to medium pressure designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and a sense of tranquility.


Sports Massage

Maintain optimum performance with our sports massage that utilizes Range of motion and therapeutic stretching.

Pregnancy Massage

For the mother-to-be Restore and Refresh your body during this beautiful transformative time.

Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue Massage

Is a tailored session focusing on areas of tension utilizing a Firm pressure and a variety of massage techniques.

Hot Stone Massage

Melt into this treatment with this hands on and hot stone massage treatment by adding the healing touch of warm stones. Stones help warm muscles to further relieve tension.



Fall into a euphoric realm as we use pressure points in your feet to release tension in your body. You will be walking on air by the end of this amazing foot treatment.

Spa Party Massage….20/30 min available 4 person minimum